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Wolves Make it Two in a Row against Melbourne

Round 11 Round Up

After the relief of getting the mid week win of Blackburn behind us it was important to follow that game up with another competitive performance. Problem was we were up against the top team in Region 2, Melbourne, who boast some impressive players, and while the Wolves also have plenty of talent, consistency has been the issue this year.

In what turned out to be a cliff hanger the game was played in 2 parts, the first 8 innings and top of the 9th, and then the bottom of the 9th. The first part of the game was significant on 2 fronts, Aspy on the mound and the amazing team hitting that allowed the Wolves to claw their way to a 3-0 lead going into the bottom of the 9th.

The display on teh mound by David Asp was just as good as the mid week performance by Adrew Russell. Aspy pitched 7.2 innings, throwing 109 pitches with 6 hits, 3 strike outs and only 1 walk. But the defensive effort in the field along with the fact that Aspy never gave up more than 1 hit an inning meant that Melbourne couldn't get a run on the board. Jason Lester relieved and got the last out of the 8th inning which had the Wolves 3 outs from a massive upset win.

On the hitting front it was good to see the team get by without having to rely on the bats of either Andrew Russell or Anthony Almenio for a change. Our offensive effort was centred on Michael Pollock who was sensational going 3 from 4 with 2 doubles and 2 RBIs and Dean Marnell who followed Pollock in the batting order also gonig 3 from 4 with an RBI. Add to that a welcome return to form with the bat of Ryan Camov, 2 from 4 and Jason McDonald also 2 from 4 meant the Wolves had hits all through the batting order. The Wolves got a run in the 1st, 6th and 8th innings to go into the bottom of the 9th leading by 3 runs.

And then there was the bottom of the 9th.

Lester got the first batter out when Dean Marnell scrambled after the ball and Jason Lester backed up to get the out at 1st. The next batter was on a 1 and 2 count when he was advanced with a Hit Pitched Ball. After being behind in the count Lester then induced a fly to right field to claim the 2nd out putting the Wolves within a single out of victory. Then things started to get "interesting". Walking the next batter had runners on 1st and 2nd. This was followed by a 2 strike single from the number 8 batter that loaded the bases and signalled a change on the mound with Ryan Camov coming on to close out the game. The number 9 batter managed a single to score Melbournes first run of the game and the bases were still loaded. Another walk then followed scoring Melbournes 2nd run and the pressure was still right on with bases loaded. In a fitting climax the next batter then grounded out and a fielders choice ended the game with the Wolves clinging to a 3-2 win.

This is the first time this season the Wolves have put back to back wins together and will be looking to extend that on Wednesday when a return game against a Melbourne team that will be hell bent on revenge should make for rivetting baseball.


The Seconds also played in a game that swung multiple times. Daniel Chircop started on the mound and had a shaky start giving up 2 runs in both the 1st and 2nd innings. Although only giving up 3 hits it was the 4 walks and a baulks that proved most costly. The Wolves on the other hand had left the bases loaded in the 2nd without scoring a run.

Beef controlled the 3rd and 4th innings much better including a 7 pitch innings (the 3rd) and 3 strike outs while the Wolves finally started to string it to gether with the bat. Luke Chircop scored the first run on the back of a Daniel Chircop Fielder Choices that gained 2 bases and a Glen Hardy hit. Then in the 4th, 3 runs scored with Luke and Daniel Chircop, Glen Hardy and Scott Meager all getting hits. This tied the game up at 4-4 going into the last innings.

Unfortunately 3 hits, a walk and 2 errors contributed to 2 runs scoring and the Wolves going down 4-6. The seconds have been extremely competative this year and have been a winning chance in every game played until the very end. But going down when you out hit the opposition 10-6 is particularly frustrating.

Round 10 Round Up

After what's been an ordinary run of form over the last month, Tuesday's midweeker against Backburn was a chance for the Wolves to show they still had what it takes to compete in Division 1. After being soundly beaten by Blackburn on Sunday the Wolves were primed for a big effort at Altona Stadium.

Andrew Russell's performance on the mound was nothing short of amazing. Rusty pitched for all 8 innings of the match (96 pitches in total) with 6 Ks and only 1 Walk. Amazingly of the 8 innings pitch, he retired 3 consecutive batters in 6 innings. Rusty only allowed 3 hits for the night and the sole run scored was unearned. With pitching like that, all the Wolves had to do was start hitting the ball, something they have found very hard to do for most of the season.

The Wolves started slowly with only 11 batters up to the plate in the first 3 innings. The Wolves had managed 4 hits in this time though and started to look threatening forcing a change of pitcher after 2 innings.

In the 4th innings the Wolves tied the game at 1-1 when big hitting import Anthony Armenio put his first Home Run of the season over the right field fence - something we're hoping to see more of as he settles in. The Wolves then made the most of their opportunities with Darren Pollock scoring in the 5th on the back of a couple of walks and an Andrew Russell single. The 6th saw another run started off with Chris Mason Hit-Pitched-Ball (for the second time of the night) who then did some great base running to score on the back of 2 sacrifce plays. Another run sealed the game in the 8th when Anthony Armenio was walked and Luke Chircop pinch hit, stealing 2nd and then getting home on the back of a great At Bat from Nathan Rogers who took 8 pitches and was on 2 strikes when he singled to score the run. Best with the bat for the night was Aaron Green who went 2 from 3 with a walk.

While it was fantastic for the players (and their loyal fans) to get a win, manager Dean Marnell is going to want to see a lot more consistancy in the run up to Christmas starting with Melbourne this Saturday.

Masters Maiden Win

The Masters took the long trek down the Geelong Highway on Monday night to take on th Baycats on their home turf. In the Wolves maiden victory for the season they came away with a big 14-8 win in 4 innings.

On the mound for the Wolves was Gus Dobrecic who pitched out the whole game. The Wolves got off to a shaky start with 4 hits and 3 errors in he first dig scoring the first 4 Geelong batters before getting the required outs. In contrast the Wolves only got one runner on base before being retired for the innings.

It all turned around in the 2nd though with Gus getting on top and not letting a run over the plate. The Wolves on the other hand took advantage of a number of walks and errors scoring 3 runs and closing the gap to just 1.

The 3rd innings swung the game in the Wolves favour with 4 more runs being scored while holding the Baycats to 2. The score was 7-6 after 3 with the Wolves holding a slender 1 run lead.

With the pressure on, the Wolves bats came to the fore. After the first 3 batters were walked loading up the bases Paul Caine smashed an in-field Grand Slam to clear the bases with a bomb that went all the way to the centre field fence and scored 4 runs. Paul Dettering was then walked to first base and then scored on the back of a Mark Chircop triple to right field, who then scored himself by stealing home on a passed ball. When Mick Ryley also stole home on a passed ball the innings was over under the 7 run rule and the Wolves held an unbeatable 8 run lead.

The Baycats managed 2 runs in the bottom of the fourth to take the final score to 14-8. The win was even more impressive as the Wolves only had the minimum 7 players to field a team, although Geelong graciously supplied 2 outfielders in a show of good sportsmanship.

Highlights of the game included Mick Ryley playing 2nd base, fielding the ball and running to his bag to beat out the runner for the out. Roger Twist doing the same thing from short stop but actually tripping on the base and falling flat on his face (but importantly he held on to the ball for the out). Twisty sprang to his feet when he heard his team mates call for the screens. Paul Caine went 2 from 3 with the big infield home run and Laurie Treadwell also had 2 hits from 4 at bats.

The "boys" always have a good time, with these games usually played in good spirit as was certainly the case on Monday, but experiencing that winning feeling for the first time in over a season was certainly enjoyed by the "Magnificent Seven".

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Round 11 Highlights

Round 18

Wolves Vs Waverley

January 11th 2015

Firsts @ Waverley - 3:30pm - Sunday
Seconds @ Waverley - 1:00pm - Sunday

Thirds - Resume Sunday 18th Jan 2015
Fourths - Resume Sunday 18th Jan 2015 


Round 16 Results

Wolves Vs Geelong

Firsts - Loss (6 - 13)
Seconds - Loss (0 - 11) 
Thirds - Win (6 - 1)  

Fourths Win (7 - 5)


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